No-Nonsense Advice to Grow Eyelashes

No-Nonsense Advice to Grow Eyelashes

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No-Nonsense Advice to Grow Eyelashes

You might be asking yourself if they will ever come back. You might have even tried all sorts of solutions to grow eyelashes only to find out that they don’t work. That’s no reason to give up hope. Like most things, it takes a bit of understanding to actually achieve the desired results. Understanding the eyelash growth process can help you easily know what works, what doesn’t work and why. Before you go out and buy yet another tube of mascara, read on and learn how it really is possible for you to grow eyelashes.

Surely They’ll Never Come Back

After a while some people tend to give up hope. Maybe they tried for a short time or for several years. It seems that the breaking point always comes eventually. Don’t get stuck in a rut over your eyelashes! They do grow back, even if you haven’t seen any progress made toward your goal in years. It just takes using the right products and the right approach. Believing that it can be done is the first step because without that belief you will never make any serious attempt to grow lashes and then it won’t happen for you. To grow eyelashes, you must take action.

The Eyelash Growing Cycle

All body hair has a growing cycle, and that included eyelashes. The cycle that hair goes through might not be easily apparent, but it is also never ending, as long as the follicle is in place and healthy. During this cycle, the lashes will fall out and grow back, much like the leaves of a tree during the difference seasons. The only difference is that the lashes do not all fall out or grow back at the same time, allowing people to have at least some around their eyes at any given time. The cycle can be fast, or it can be slow. Some people can grow eyelashes without ever giving it much concern while there are others who have to help the process along.

When and How Do Eyelashes Actually Grow?

There are actually three different stages of the eyelash growing cycle. They are:

  • The Anagen Stage
  • The Categen Cycle
  • The Telogen Stage

It is only during that Anagen stage that a person can grow eyelashes.  This stage of the growing cycle lasts about 30 to 45 days.  When eyelashes reach the Categen cycle, they stop growing, being in transition. Lashes that fall out, or are otherwise removed, during this stage do not grow until the cycle is over. Categen can last 2 to 3 weeks. After this comes the Telogen stage, which is the time period in which the follicles are completely at rest. This can last 2 to 4 weeks.

Then why does it seem like your lashes never grow? The hair has to be taken good care of. The follicles need stimulation and conditioning. Remember that not every lash is at the same point of the cycle all at the same time. Proper lash care with using the right product, such as Xlash, can effectively allow you to grow eyelashes.

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