How to Use the XLash Natural Eyelash Enhancer

You can get luscious eyelashes with the Xlash natural eyelash enhancer but you already knew that, hence why you want to know how the product is used to achieve just that. The good news if you are contemplating using this product is that it is easy to use and all you have to do is make it a part of your regular beauty routine and you will be used to it in no time. But before you go ahead and read this and purchase the product you should know that you must talk with your physician first especially if you have a medical history of eye conditions or allergies. So talk to your doc first and then go from there – now to how to apply or use the product to get those luscious eyelashes. Here is the step by step guide to using the Xlash eyelash enhancer:

  1. Start off by preparing your eyes for the product. This entails washing your face and paying special attention to your eye area to ensure that all the makeup has been properly removed. Use a makeup remover or simply some baby oil and then wash your face. Don’t forget to cleanse the face after removing the makeup. If you are wearing contact lenses you will need to take them out and use any solution you need to use prior to using the eyelash enhancement serum. Pat your face dry when done and check for any makeup that may be left over and remove it if necessary.
  2.  Once your face is completely clean it is time to prepare the Xlash solution. Get your applicator as close to the nozzle of the solution and place one drop of solution onto the applicator. You now use the applicator to apply the solution to the base of your eyelash in a thin line. The application is just as you would do it if you are applying eye liner. Upon contact you will feel a most sensation; you will need to have a tissue close by to clean up any run off. Just blot any runoff to ensure it doesn’t enter the eye. (If this happens you don’t need to wash it away as it is safe for the eyes)


Applicators should be used only once and discarded after use. Don’t even use the same applicator for your next eye and do not use the solution on your lower eyelid – only the upper eyelid.

Ensure the natural eyelash enhancer solution doesn’t get in touch with your skin as it will trigger hair growth there as well. If the solution is applied to areas of skin over time the hair growth in the area will increase. If you stop using the serum then the hair growth will go back to its original state.

And that’s it – once you get the go ahead from your doctor in two easy steps you can apply this product to your upper eyelash base every night and start seeing results in as little as two weeks.

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How to Get Longer Eyelashes without the Use of Falsies

One of the first things we notice on someone else is their eyes. Eyes can tell what someone is feeling from sadness, fear, love, confidence etc. What do people notice when they look at your eyes? Do you feel like your eyelashes are less than beautiful? You can change that with the new Xlash Serum. This product is a serum that can enhance the look of your eyelashes making them grow so you can have longer eyelashes and fuller eyelashes too, and all growing out of your eye too! – No false lashes necessary.

So what is this Xlash eye lash enhancing serum anyway? The serum provides users with a way to get beautiful eyelashes in an easy and painless way.  They are said to cause growth of approximately 30 to 40%. The serum has in some cases caused darker and more curled lashes for some individuals so that could be an outcome as well for you.

Why One May Need Longer Eyelashes?

For those of us reading and wondering why anyone would want longer eyelashes (you can stop thinking we are all beauty obsessed, crazed women that just want more of everything). The truth is that there are a couple reasons someone may want longer lashes and not just women- these include;

  • Those who lost lashes due to chemotherapy
  • Persons who have had damage due to eyelash perms
  • Persons who have damage due to overuse or misuse of extensions

The Xlash product was developed in Sweden initially and has been proven to be dermatologically safe. It is now readily available and is being used by mainly women all over the world.

What are the Ingredients in the Product?

The ingredients are all safe for your eyes and for your skin. The active ingredients are; (these are not in the order you will find them in on the product)

  • Nigella Sativa Extract
  • Coral Extract
  • Fructus Chebulae Extract
  • Cacumen Platycladi Extract
  • Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata Extract
  • Folium Isatidis Extract

Benefits of the XLash Product

The product promises to naturally increase your eyelash length within approximately 3 weeks. The product is affordable at less than $50 and can provide results for months. The formula is totally safe and has been tested and proven as such. Best of all the company provides a money back guarantee.


The product is applied to the root of the upper eyelashes in a thin line with one stroke of the brush or applicator wand. The manufacturers recommend that all your makeup should be removed prior to using the product and that application should be done preferably at night and should be applied on a clean face – but it can be applied in conjunction with mascara and eyeliner if you wish to do that.


Some users report a slight irritation which goes away after a couple days.  This product is relatively new on the US market and has been available in European countries for a while but there are many reviews and testimonials that prove that Xlash does actually give you longer eyelashes.


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What is the Best Eyelash Enhancer?

If you are in the United States Xlash may not have been your answer to this question but with a little research you will soon see why they are indeed the best eyelash enhancer currently available to consumers with inadequate eyelashes.

The Xlash eyelash serum was created as a natural alternative to growing longer, natural looking, and thicker, fuller and healthier eyelashes. The product is made exclusively from all natural ingredients that have been proven to be extremely safe for your eyes and your skin. The growth will last as long as you are consistently using the product and will even remain the same for week and even months after terminating its use. If you don’t want to be using the product all year round you can take breaks whenever your lashes reach their desired length and level of thickness. Then you can give it a break and when they start falling back you can once again start reapplying just remember you only need one application per eye per night and nothing more.

The product regularly costs $79 but the manufacturer is currently offering a discount that puts the price at $49. That’s a good price and also puts it at being the most affordable lash enhancer serum currently available. But don’t think that because it is cheaper it is less effective – with over 110,000 satisfied customers across the globe it is obvious to see that the product does in fact provide the user with thicker, longer, fuller and healthier eye lashes.

The product has been successful in a number of European countries since its release and now it available to the rest of the world with next day shipping when purchased form the website. The manufacturer provides worldwide shipping and customers can expect quick delivery. With currency converters you can pay in Euro, GBP, AUD and USD. They provide 24/7 customer support and offer a money back guarantee. Though they offer a money back guarantee they do counsel users to use the product for in excess of three weeks before they try to form any conclusions about its efficacy. There are some persons that see obvious results in as little as two weeks while others only see results in 12 – 16 weeks.  If your hair growth phase is extremely slow the lashes will still grow slowly but may put out more length at a time.

The product was developed and founded in Sweden which is known for its much regulated health and cosmetics industry. Therefore people can take comfort knowing that is extremely safe and has been tested and proven to show a 30 to 40% improvement in your lashes.

Their customers are happy and you can find this out with a quick search about their product. You will find customers talking about their success on various forms of social media from Instagram to YouTube to twitter proving that they are the best eyelash enhancer. With new customers every week amounting into the thousands there must be loads of satisfied customers out there spreading the good news and you will come up on them in drones as you do your research.

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Which is the Best Eyelash Enhancer – Latisse or Xlash?

Xlash is the revolutionary Swedish eyelash enhancing serum for achieving longer eyelashes now available in the United States! Xlash has over 110,000 satisfied customers. You don’t need a prescription to purchase Xlash and it’s an incredibly affordable all natural eyelash enhancer.

You probably have heard of the prescription-only eyelash enhancing product Latisse. While Latisse does appear to work, it takes far longer than Xlash and has potential harmful side effects such as permanent brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye. Where it can take up to sixteen weeks to see results using Latisse, with Xlash you’ll see results in just four to six weeks. Additionally, unlike Latisse, you don’t have to go see a doctor to get Xlash, you can just order it conveniently from the Xlash website and get it delivered straight to your door fast!

Get Fuller, Longer Eyelashes Easily and Affordably

Xlash is clearly the best eyelash growth serum available on the market today. With Xlash you get amazingly long eyelashes in a matter of weeks, not months. These fuller, longer lashes can be yours for the specially discounted online price of $59 for a 3 ml tube or get double that amount for just $10 more! A 3 ml tube of Xlash should last you between 2 – 3 months. Once you have achieved your desired result using Xlash, you can reduce your application of Xlash to 2 – 3 times a week, making your supply last even longer! If you stop using Xlash, your eyelashes will go back to their original appearance within a few weeks to a month’s time.

Xlash has very few side effects, in fact 99% of customers experience no side effects at all. However, if you experience redness of the eyes and an itching sensation, discontinue use of Xlash and consult your physician. Xlash offers a complete money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your results when using Xlash for any reason, contact Xlash for a full refund.

Xlash grows your eyelashes up to 30 – 40% and works while you sleep. All you do is one application right before you go to bed and that’s it! You should remove all makeup and take out contact lenses before applying. You apply a single stroke with the brush to create a thin line at the root of the upper lashes. Since your upper and lower eyelids come into contact while you are sleeping, there is no need to apply to the lower lashes to see effects on them.

In eyelash enhancer reviews, women frequently say that Xlash is the best eyelash enhancer product. Some have even gone so far to say it might be the best product ever invented and that it works like magic. You can try Xlash completely risk-free but once you try it you probably will be a satisfied customer for life. Don’t settle for boring, short lashes, get the beautiful, thicker, longer lashes you deserve by ordering Xlash today!

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